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Access ControlBurglary protection goes hand in hand with access control. They are part of an integrated security environment. You want to provide easy access for employees to areas necessary for their work environment, yet restrict access for those without a need. Theft prevention is only one reason. Protecting employees and confidential information are two others.

How will your business be impacted by theft, loss, or damage to important and confidential information or material? A good access control system will not hinder your work environment. It can also monitor the comings and going of all authorize people.

Access control has many elements. First is the type of access. Will it be card key or code entry on a key pad? Other options include access to selected areas or sites. Specifics and definitions are defined during the security survey. During this phase, Convergent Systems will interview key personnel to define the parameters and requirements of your specific operating environment.

The next series of questions about access control will define the environment. This includes specific zones, areas, or rooms that need to be restricted or monitored. It may also include how you want to provide access to your main facility. Who comes and goes? What time of day is the facility used? How many employee groups are there?

The third element addresses how much information you need relative to your employees comings and goings. An access control system has the ability to track each access/entry event. Who enters, who leaves, what time, what location, etc.? All events can be captured. This information can then be reported and analyzed for those enterprises with a need to know.

Last, Convergent Systems will determine how your business operates, so that the final design will fit your operations. This personalized design process means that each security design is tailored for a specific business need.