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Alarm/Burglary Systems

Alarm Systems deter theft from both internal and external sources They protect employees from unwanted intrusions

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Theft prevention / Burglary Protection

Merely putting an alarm on a door is not a burglary system. A quality burglary system is not just a single piece of hardware. It is an interlocked system designed for a specific environment - a business, a school, an office building, a storage facility, a manufacturing plant. It may simply prevent access, but more often it means detecting unapproved access and reporting intrusion in a timely manner, so that a specific and pre-defined action can take place. This could be as simple as notifying police when your facility has been broken into. It could also mean that you protect employees from unwanted entry in a not-so-friendly neighborhood.

Employees need to feel secure. A burglary system can often ease their tensions. Failure to properly protect your employees also carries a liability, one that can be reduced with the proper system. Keep in mind that burglary and intrusion protection is only one part of creating an employee safe environment. Other elements include access control, closed circuit TV and system monitoring.

How do you distinguish when an employee with a valid reason enters after hours?
Will opening the door after hours trigger a call to a monitoring station?
Under what conditions will the monitoring station notify the police?
How do you limit false police calls and the associated charges?

Convergent Systems will survey your environment, talk to your administrators and design a burglary system that works with your specific work activities. It will accommodate the coming and goings of your people to ensure a non-burdensome work environment.

Convergent Systems will install all the required equipment to monitor doors, windows, office spaces, secure rooms, etc. The final design will be tailored to your specific needs, not an off the shelf, one solution fits all. Specific burglary equipment may include door switches, glass break detectors, infrared monitors, silent and loud alarms, etc. A good alarm system is only one component of a security system, and Convergent Systems will tie it all together into one system that meets your needs.

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Alarm Permits!
Download/Register Online - Alarm Permits for Northern California areas.
A majority of cities and counties have fees for registering your alarm and for false alarms.

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