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CCTV/Video Surveillance

Convergent Systems has the expertise to determine the best and most cost effective equipment for your needs.

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CCTV/Video Surveillance

Convergent Systems can design, install, and maintain a closed circuit TV system to meet the needs of your business or work environment. For maximum results, CCTV systems are usually incorporated into the total security system design, so that all parts will work together. CCTV systems have specific purposes, and the equipment employed must be tailored to the need.

First, in many cases, CCTV systems are used to view and record activity at specific entrances so that illegal intrusions can be recorded and viewed at a later time. This is the common scenario often seen on TV, where an illegal entrance is captured on video and the police track down the perpetrator. In reality, the physical presence of a camera is often a deterrent by itself.

Second, CCTV is used to provide a view of employees wishing to enter a secure area. Picture a guard granting access to a secure door after viewing the approved employee on a monitor.

Third, CCTV is to provide an historical video record of events, the coming and going of people for example.

Fourth, CCTV is often used in larger environments to enhance personal safety, where cameras monitor parking lots, exposed areas, etc. A good example would be CCTV cameras at a mall. The users of CCTV are only limited by your imagination.

Convergent Systems has the expertise to determine the best and most cost effective equipment for your needs. We will also provide information on the technical limits of specific video equipment and recording facilities.

There are many elements involved in designing a CCTV system that meets your needs. The cheap solution may not be adequate for your needs. In a similar manner, the ultra high-tech camera may be overkill. Only after a careful design study will Convergent Systems offer a practical solution. We will not offer a solution that does not meet your needs, you would be unhappy with it, it may not do what you want, and we want satisfied customers.

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